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Rosemary Salt Fries 8

hot chips, rosemary salt & aioli

Sweet Potato Fries 10

fried sweet potato, rosemary salt & aioli

Dirty Fries 12

hot chips, bacon bits, mozzarella, jalapeños, bbq sauce, ranch & herbs

Jalapeño Bites 12

crispy fried jalapeños, corn & cream cheese bites with ranch

Island Burger Greek 12

giant cous-cous, tomato, cucumber, red onion, kalamata olives, onion, herbs, feta cheese & house dressing

Spicy Noodle 14

soba noodles, carrot, cucumber, roasted cashew, sesame seeds, green shallots, chilli, ginger & miso dressing





Classic Cheese 12

smashed beef patty, melted cheese, tomato sauce, mustard & house pickles

The Island Burger 15

smashed beef patty, cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato, house pickles & big mag sauce

The Mother Clucker 16

fried buttermilk chicken, swiss cheese, sriracha aioli, lettuce & pickled red cabbage 

The Pig Daddy 16

low n' slow cooked pork belly, bbq sauce, ranch & house slaw

The Halloumi (v) 16

grilled halloumi, smashed avo, sweet chilli mayo, tomato, lettuce & pickled onion

The Shroom (pb) 16

roasted miso mushroom, smashed avo, wasabai, green shallot, sesame & pickled carrot

Where's The Beef?? (pb) 17

100% not beef patty, vegan cheese, big mag sauce, tomato, lettuce & house pickles



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